Obama Is a Sore Loser And He Just Had Salt Rubbed In His Wounds!

Obama Is a Sore Loser And He Just Had Salt Rubbed In His Wounds!

This is deeply satisfying! Rep. Tim Huelskamp is a personal favorite of mine and he nailed Obama yesterday over his loss in the Supreme Court on his 2014 executive actions on immigration. “Obama, you lost,” Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., tweeted. “The Constitution won. Get over it.” Good times and definitely worth celebrating. Obama has done his level best to destroy the Constitution and our country, but he just can’t quite get there from here. After telling the GOP previously to get over it, he won… he now gets to have egg with salsa on his face.

Sore Loser

From The Washington Examiner:

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., on Thursday said it’s now Obama’s turn to “get over it” in the face of a Supreme Court decision that effectively blocks his 2014 executive actions on immigration.

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Obama famously said after being challenged by a Republican lawmaker in 2009, “I won,” a warning that the GOP had to accept his victory and work with him on Democratic priorities.

In 2013, he again challenged the GOP by saying they needed to “go out there and win an election” if they wanted a change in direction. That line was widely perceived as him saying, “deal with it.”

On Thursday, Huelskamp reacted to Obama’s press conference about his Supreme Court loss by saying essentially the same thing:

Sore Loser1

Now Obama will just have to deal with it. Turn about is more than fair play here. Obama tried to downplay the 4-4 ruling by the Supreme Court over illegal immigration that handed him his defeat, but he was stopped cold by it. Somewhere, Justice Scalia is smiling. While the split decision is a loss for Obama and his immigration actions, he cast it as the Court being “unable to reach a decision,” and said if it was a ruling from a Court with 9 judges on it, that would mean he would “take it seriously.” Bull crap… only if that 9th vote was a liberal vote and one cast for what Obama wanted. Barack Obama will go down as the most treasonous president we have ever had… a true enemy from within.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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