Obama Sorta Blames GOP For Oil Spill

When it comes down to it, the blame games is just about all the Obama administration has. When a person with virtually no private sector nor executive experience surrounds himself with people who have spent barely any time, if any at all, outside of academia or politics, what you end up with is a group that was great on the campaign trail, but flailing and clueless when actually in charge. Gee, if only people told us this would happen: Obama Points a Finger at GOP

President Barack Obama, facing political heat from both right and left over his response to the Gulf oil spill, blasted Republicans on Wednesday for what he said was a loosening of regulations on industry at the public’s expense.

Mr. Obama did not blame the GOP for the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. But he attacked what he said was a Republican philosophy in the past decade that had “gutted regulations and put industry insiders in charge of industry oversight.”

Typically, Mr. Obama confines his most partisan attacks to Democratic fund-raisers. At one such event last week, he said Republicans were like a teenager who had driven the family car into a ditch and were now demanding the car keys back.

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But Wednesday’s comments came in a speech at Carnegie Mellon University in which Mr. Obama also drew attention to the Gulf spill.

So, Mr. Post-Partisan new way of doing business in Washington is now using official presidential appearances to play the blame game. Wait, didn’t he say, multiple times, that he was in charge, that the buck stopped with him? True, he does say quite a few things that we could charitably call “lies.” Perhaps someone should point out that Democrats held the House since 2007, and held the Senate for half of the past decade. Eh. Facts. Who needs them?

Humorously, Eric Cantor throws a Democrat talking point right back at President Thin Skin

Rep. Eric Cantor (R., Va.), the House Republican whip, replied that blaming Republicans would not solve the country’s problems. “The same old politics that the president has been prone to engage in–like castigating opponents and mocking those who disagree with his policies–are not solving America’s biggest problems,” Mr. Cantor said in a statement.


Also Wednesday, a White House official said that conversations are under way about delaying or canceling Mr. Obama’s planned trip to Indonesia and Australia this month, already postponed once. The trip remains on the schedule, but officials are clearly nervous about the prospect of the president traveling overseas as oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

A real leader would have simply canceled the trip, certainly the Indonesian portion, which is more about personal reflection for the place Obama partially grew up in. But, does anyone think Obama really wants to miss a free trip to those two places? The perks of the job seem to be more important than doing the job.

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