Obama Spokesperson Makes Stunning Claim About Trump Wiretapping [VIDEO]

Obama Spokesperson Makes Stunning Claim About Trump Wiretapping [VIDEO]

Donald Trump dropped a bomb this weekend when he accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the election. The evidence seems to be there to support Trump’s accusation, but strangely, Obama is not completely denying it.


Josh Earnest was interviewed by ABC’s Martha Raddatz, who pressed him on the issue. And Earnest surprised everyone with his claim that he could not “deny that the Obama Justice Department” wiretapped Trump Tower. Yet he also said that this was based on a false report.

Initially, Earnest denied the claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, but when Raddatz pushed him on it, asking him to “categorically deny” the claim, Earnest refused. He initially tried to dodge the question, but Raddatz wouldn’t give up.

“Here’s the simple answer to that question, Martha,” he finally responded. “I don’t know, and it’s not because I’m no longer in government. The fact is, even when I was in government, I was not in a position of being regularly briefed on an FBI criminal or counterintelligence investigation.”

Apparently Trump was right to open an investigation, if even Josh Earnest can’t deny that this happened.

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