Obama Tackles The Tough Issues In Youtube Interviews, Like Why Tampons Are Taxed

An unserious president talking with unserious liberals on mostly unserious subjects

(Breitbart) Obama hosted a series of interviews with YouTube personalities this afternoon, including one interview with Ingrid Nilsen, a woman who asked why tampons and pads for women were frequently taxed as a “luxury goods” in nearly 40 states.

“I don’t know anyone who has a period that thinks it’s a luxury,” Nilsen said. “It’s something that’s part of our everyday lives and is really crucial to our health as women.”

Obama chuckled. “I think that’s fair to say – Michelle would agree with you on that,” he said.

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Obama said he had “no idea” why states would tax menstrual products.

“I suspect that it’s because men were making the laws when those taxes were passed.” he added.

I suspect it was simply because most goods are sales taxed in most states, but, hey, this is Liberal World, don’t expect rationality. These are people who demand higher taxes on everything, yet, want an exception for their pet causes, such as the “tampon tax”. As the link in the article notes

Tampons, however, are rarely considered a necessity by state governments, and most states do not allow exemptions for them (nor do they even list them in their tax codes). Yet as every woman who has ever gotten her period knows, feminine hygiene products are not a choice; they’re a required part of being a woman. And the costs for these products can add up.

Do you know what else is a necessity? Food. Yet, most states charge a sales tax for the purchase of…..food. So is soap, hair products, and deodorant. And clothing. Shoes.

Guess what else is expensive and require sales tax to purchase: shaving razors. Why should Men have to pay a world ending average sales tax of 5.45% on a product that is not a choice within the working world?

Funny thing is, if feminine hygiene products where excused from being taxed, Liberals would then complain about the reduction in the state coffers from sales tax.

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