Obama To Take Long Fossil Fueled Trip To Complain About ‘Climate Change’

No worries. He’ll make sure you reduce your carbon footprint

Do they have a golf course on Midway? There used to be, but, access to the island is heavily restricted, and mostly it’s scientists and educators who get permits.

(Reuters) When President Barack Obama sets out this week to meet world leaders in China and Laos during his final presidential trip to Asia, he will make an unusual stop along the way.

With time running out for more action on climate change during his time in office, Obama will drop in to Midway Atoll, a far-flung and largely uninhabited coral reef that is a refuge for sharks, albatrosses and endangered turtles and seals.

The photo-rich stop is aimed at both raising awareness about the threat posed by climate change, and showcasing Obama’s decision to protect a larger part of the ocean around Hawaii.

Wait, I thought he didn’t like doing photo-ops?

But the trip to the middle of the Pacific Ocean will also highlight the high stakes of climate change just before Obama meets world leaders in China.

“I think it’s going to be an amazing sequence, and one that really matters,” said Doug McCauley, a conservation biologist from University of California, Santa Barbara.

An amazing sequence. A fossil fueled helicopter trip over to Andrews AFB. Get on Air Force 1 for a long FF trip, accompanied by a backup jumbo jet and several FF fighter jets. All the FF automobiles in large convoys when he gets to each stop. The opulence of the food served and the energy used.

Any progress on climate issues could be a rare bright spot in a trip otherwise dominated by concerns about the international economy, anti-globalization sentiments and global security problems.

In other words, the rest of the trip will be a disaster as he gets boned on the international stage by China.

“Nobody should ever be disappointed with this president on climate change,” said (former EPA head Carol) Browner, who led the White House climate push in Obama’s first term.

Right. No one should ever be disappointed in Obama dictating how Other People act on ‘climate change’ while he has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world.

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