Obama Takes Credit For Oil Cap

Over at Forbes, Brian Wingfield writes about something I noticed yesterday, as well, while listening to the Jason Schnitt Show on the way home (taped delay in Raleigh, tuned in using iHeart Radio), which had excerpts from PeBo’s speech. Though, Wingfield is a bit more charitable with his headline: Is Obama Claiming Credit for Gulf Spill Solution?

I happened to catch President Obama’s remarks on CNBC this morning, and one of the commentators made a smart observation about the president’s rhetoric, in particular the use of “we” when referring to the stoppage of the leak. As long as oil was flowing, the White House seemed to couch it largely as BP’s problem (though he did say that before the recent cap “we” were only capturing about 25,000 barrels a day) . But now that it has stopped the Obama administration seems to be taking some of the credit, deserved or not.

While it was flowing Obama was slamming and slurring BP (at times, deservedly), between golf outings, vacations, and campaign stops, of course. But, now, let’s look at a bit of PeBO’s speech (bold by Brian)

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the situation in the Gulf. As we all know, a new cap was fitted over the BP oil well earlier this week. This larger more sophisticated cap was designed to give us greater control over the oil flow as we complete the relief wells that are necessary to stop the leak.

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Now, our scientists and outside experts have met through the night and continue this morning to analyze the data from the well integrity test. What they’re working to determine is whether we can safely shut in the well using the new cap without creating new problems, including possibly countless new oil leaks in the sea floor.

Now, even if a shut-in is not possible, this new cap and the additional equipment being placed in the Gulf will be able to contain up 80,000 barrels a day, which should allow us to capture nearly all the oil until the well is killed. It’s important to remember that prior to installation of this new cap, we were collecting on average about 25,000 barrels a day.

Well, at least he isn’t using his favorite word, “I”. He continues on in this mode for quite some time, see the link for the full transcript, including the Q&A section. I suppose, if we were being charitable, we could chalk this up as simply Obama’s way of speaking, and perhaps saying “this was all of us American’s working hard.” Switching between “they” and “we” can be confusing, especially when speaking without Secretary Teleprompter. Consider

Now, in the meantime, obviously we’ve still got a big job to do. There’s still a lot of oil out there, and that’s why we’ve got more skimmers out there, there’s better coordination on the ground along the shorelines, there’s still going to be an enormous cleanup job to do, and there’s still going to be the whole set of issues of surrounding making sure people are compensated properly, that the $20 billion fund is set up and is acting expeditiously.

So we’ve got an enormous amount of work to do and people down in the Gulf, particularly businesses, are still suffering as a consequence of this disaster. But we are making steady progress and I think the American people should take some heart in the fact that we’re making progress on this front.

Hmm, I guess not. If he had let the highlighted sentences stand alone, that would have made sense, but, the additions highlight exactly how much of a narcissist Obama actually is. Consider that final sentence, which, in essence, is saying “hey, look at me, look how great I am.” We’re rather used to that.

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