Obama Talks NBA During Toast In Senegal

So, the man with the Largest Carbon Footprint In The World who just stated that he’s going to Do Something about reducing “carbon pollution” flies to Africa and gives a toast in Senegal, which includes this

Sadly, it appears as if he’s looking down to read his toast, and was still a stuttering fool. I counted 19 “ah’s” during that 50 second clip. Image if that was George W. Bush: how would the media treat him? Of course, despite making a few words up here and there, W was able to speak in clear English, having learned how Adults, leaders, and presidents should speak.

Everyone, from the media to talk radio to blogs, has taken note of the complete SCOAMFishness of Rachel Jeantel, the prosecutions “start witness” in the George Zimmerman trial, her inability to speak adult English (she’s a perfect example of today’s public school educational system), yet here’s a man who went to and graduated from some of the countries best and he’s the POTUS. Sad, isn’t it?

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BTW, here are a bunch of nutjobs at the Democratic Underground “apologizing” to Rachel.

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