Obama To Take Victory Lap On Payroll Tax Extension, Forgets To Do One Thing

Despite having done zip regarding the extension of the payroll tax cut (which will decrease the available money available for Social Security), his typical leading from behind, Campaigner In Chief Obama is taking a victory lap today

(ABC News) President Obama will spend this morning touting the agreement to extend the payroll-tax cut and urging Congress to take additional steps to help the middle class.

“Because of this bipartisan action, the typical American family will still see an extra $40 in every paycheck, keeping nearly $1,000 of their hard-earned money this year,” the White House said of the legislation that the president plans to sign into law later this week.

The president will be joined at today’s White House event by Americans who stand to benefit from the tax cut and unemployment insurance extension.

There’s only one problem, well, two: Obama hasn’t signed the legislation, H.R. 3630, because the Democrat controlled Senate has yet to send it over for his signature. This is like take a victory lap before actually crossing the finish line. Fortunately, Obama will spend the day excoriating Harry Reid for this failure….oh, sorry, no, he’s going to attend a concert at the White House this evening.

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