Obama USES both Air Force Ones to go hiking in the Andes mountains – Taxpayer Dollars At Work

Obama USES both Air Force Ones to go hiking in the Andes mountains – Taxpayer Dollars At Work

This is just obscene. It’s like giving the middle finger to all of America who said he should come home after the slaughter in Brussels where two Americans were killed and nine more injured. But no… Obama addressed the death toll of 34 and over 200 injured in Belgium with a 51-second speech that was insulting. Then he went to a baseball game and laughed and schmoozed with murderous dictators. Off he then jetted to Argentina where he Tangoed the night away while Brussels burned. Now he’s taking two Air Force Ones to go hiking in the Andes. And we are footing the bill for all this elitist gallivanting across the globe. It’s beyond outrageous.


From the Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama and his family are now on a hiking trip at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Argentina.
The Obamas landed just after 2:20 local time in a Boeing 757, technically known as a C-32 as Air Force One is a military plane, in Bariloche.

That’s a separate plane from the larger 747, or VC-25, they came to the country in. The Obamas took the smaller plane that holds 45 passengers as opposed to 76 on their personal day-trip.

It means that the trip to Latin American involved two presidential jets.

The first family deplaned the smaller aircraft in hiking gear and they prepared to visit ski resort town Bariloche, located in western Argentina in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

They hiked in Parque Llao Llao, which is part of the national park, on the Villa Tacul Trail, a three kilometers long trek of medium difficulty, this afternoon, and the president, first lady and Malia Obama are now on a boat ride.

They’ll return to Washington overnight by way of Buenos Aires.

Thus will conclude problematic week for the U.S. president that saw him attend a baseball game in Havana, play dominoes with a Cuban comic and dance the tango in Argentina while America’s allies recovered from a terrorist attack in Belgium.

As the president was about to touch down in Barlioche, the White House sent out a statement affirming that ‘the President has been regularly updated on the investigation into Tuesday’s horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels.’

Obama was photographed in his shades, smiling and doing the wave as clean-up continued in Belgium. Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice were also at the game, prompting further outcry. Nothing is getting in the way of the Obama’s vacationing… certainly not terrorism or the dead bodies in the streets. He says he won’t let terrorists win by cancelling his plans… how about respect for the victims? How about concern for your own country? These vile Marxists have spent millions vacationing and running around the world while elbowing with celebrities on our dime. Obama’s not a leader, he’s a professional slacker who doesn’t give a crap about America or defeating ISIS. Obama is thoroughly enjoying his great adventure in the Andes. Then he will come home. I don’t know why he even bothers.










Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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