Obama Uses Last Speech to SLAM Trump – When Will the Hate End?

Obama Uses Last Speech to SLAM Trump – When Will the Hate End?

As I write this, I am struggling not to be profane… but it’s giving me a run for my money. Never have I been so relieved to see such a bag of excrement leave office. And yet, notice how the media goes out of their way to take iconic photos of the Marxist-in-Chief and they packed his farewell address. You couldn’t pay me to go anywhere near this reprobate. Between the disgraces of the Clintons and the Obamas, it just makes you ill. And Obama was in fine form last night, making it all about him and refusing to mention President-elect Trump by name at all. But that didn’t stop him from slamming Trump and spreading hate.

Obama pushed for more illegal immigration and more Islamic refugees. He decried the persecution of Muslims and accused the right of racial division, hatred and bigotry. It was vintage Obama… he’s not going away. He’s going to stay in DC and cause as much mayhem and trouble as he possibly can. I despise the man. This country was well on its way to being colorblind before Obama came on the scene. Now, look at us… we are on the very verge of a race war. He destroyed the greatest healthcare system in the world, devastated the greatest military on earth and did his damndest to turn this country into an Islamic stronghold. He declared open season on cops and gave the green light to violent, radical extremists. He changed America alright… into something she isn’t. Hopefully, Trump will be able to undo some of the massive damage from Obama.


From the Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama rode into the White House on a message of ‘hope and change,’ but he told his supporters tonight, as he delivered his final address in office, ‘you were the change’ and encouraged them to continue standing up for their values after his departure.

‘Yes We Can. Yes We Did. Yes We Can,’ Obama said, a reference to his 2008 slogan and a nod to the future progress he expects backers of his brand of politics to make.

He never mentioned his successor by name on Tuesday evening but made multiple references to President-elect Donald Trump, declaring to loud clapping and cheers ‘that science and reason matter’ and he rejects ‘discrimination against Muslim Americans.’

The soon-to-be former president also decried the ‘selective sorting of facts’ he said members of the Republican party have embraced.

In the 50-minute speech Obama further took on the touchy topic of race, saying that talk of a ‘post-racial America’ after he was elected ‘was never realistic.’

Obama wept faux tears and posed for the cameras. It was nauseating in the extreme. He put forth that those on the left were the hard working, caring, tolerant ones and portrayed the right as greedy capitalists. In other words, he stayed true to his Marxist roots. He eluded to America being imperfect as he so often has. Instead of making America great again, he wants to change it into a communist regime. I don’t know how we survived this asshat for eight long years.

He flat out lied during his speech, claiming he had reversed the Great Recession. No, he brought it on and it never ended. In fact, it was and still is a depression. He forced the auto industry out of the country and kept a third of America unemployed FOR YEARS. Talk about revisionist. He touted crawling into bed with the butchers of Cuba and funding and nuclearizing the largest purveyor of terrorism on the planet… Iran. He’s actually proud of all that. SMH. Thank God this is over in nine days. The American nightmare of Barack Obama is finally coming to an end.

Obama spoke to 18,000 of his supporters in Chicago, many of whom waited seven hours to see him speak and some of whom paid more than $300 for a spot at Chicago’s convention center. It was more of a campaign speech than a farewell address.

Obama claimed that he was being transparent and making the transition to Trump smooth… what a freaking lie. He has sabotaged and obstructed President-elect Trump at every single turn. He has threatened him, defamed him and did everything he could to ensure chaos will be left behind for the 45th President. It’s reprehensible and disgraceful. It is my sincere hope that Trump will come into office and undo every single thing Obama has wrought against this nation. Good freaking riddance to Barack Hussein Obama.














Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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