ObamaCare Deprives Children of Health Insurance

Remember Comrade Obama’s promise that fewer children would be covered by health insurance after he had seized control of the healthcare sector? No? But that’s how it’s turning out:

Thousands of Colorado children will soon have fewer options for health insurance. And parents who may not be able to afford it for themselves, but want it for their children won’t have that option.

Ironically [if unsurprisingly] the change is as a result of the health care reform act.

7NEWS learned several large insurance companies are no longer offering child-only health policies.

Child-only policies are typically obtained by families because sometimes it’s cheaper than a family health plan through an employer. But most often parents who cannot afford health insurance for themselves purchase a child-only policy to make sure their kids are insured even if they are not.

Or they did, until ObamaCare came along.

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies which offer child-only policies to take all kids, even those with preexisting conditions.

According to Robbie Zirkelbach, of America’s Health Insurance Plans, this is an issue the government did not see when it passed the Affordable Care Act. He said until there is a mandate that all kids have insurance, like there will be in 2014, there is an incentive for parents now to only sign-up their child when he or she is sick.

Zirkelbach said if parents only sign up sick children, premiums for other policy holders will have to be increased. As a result, insurance companies want to keep costs low for its current policy holders, so therefore are deciding to eliminate child-only policies to avoid the health care loophole until everyone is mandated to have insurance.

Assuming that mandate isn’t deemed to be unconstitutional. In the meantime, the leftist demagogues running the government and mainstream media will find it easy to demonize as hurtful to the children any insurance company that does what it has to do to stay solvent in a profoundly hostile regulatory environment.

The idea as always with Obamanomics is to drive private industry out of business, so that government can exert total control. Only then will everyone have insurance, and an equal right to wait months for rationed substandard care, assuming that bureaucrats deem them to be deserving of treatment.


On a tip from Heather H. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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