ObamaCare Puts the Screws to the Young

One great thing about being young is, no matter how wrong you are, you have plenty of time to learn better. Under Hopey Change, American youth ought to be learning fast. Those not old enough to remember Jimmy Carter heavily favored our first adolescent president. Their reward — a 17% rise in healthcare premiums:

Beginning in 2014, most Americans will be required to buy insurance or pay a tax penalty. That’s when premiums for young adults seeking coverage on the individual market would likely climb by 17 percent on average, or roughly $42 a month, according to an analysis of the plan conducted for The Associated Press. …

The higher costs will pinch many people in their 20s and early 30s who are struggling to start or advance their careers with the highest unemployment rate in 26 years.

Not to worry; they can just break the law by refusing to buy insurance until they get sick or injured, at which point insurance companies will be forced to cover them. There are supposed to be penalties, but it isn’t clear to what extent these will be enforced. Even when they are, paying a fine will be cheaper than carrying insurance, especially when rates on young people skyrocket to compensate for new restrictions on how much older people can be charged.

Before long insurance companies will be driven into bankruptcy, as planned, and we’ll have the “single-payer” Soviet-style healthcare system toward which ObamaCare is intended as a bridge. Then healthcare will be completely free, because someone else will be forced to pay for everything — the liberal leech’s conception of utopia.

But as anyone who’s been to a hospital in a socialist country knows, you do get what you pay for.

Free healthcare in liberal utopia, via The Real Cuba.

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