Obama’s “Annoyed” And “Agitated” Over Healthcare.fail Issues

Good news for all you folks who have lost your insurance that you like, or are facing the prospect of losing your insurance: Obama’s annoyed that it’s difficult for you to obtain more expensive health insurance through the Exchange

(The Hill) An agitated President Obama has expressed frustration to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about the faulty ObamaCare enrollment website.

A visibly annoyed Obama behind closed doors has made clear to Sebelius that it’s her responsibility to fix what has become an unwanted second-term blunder, according to senior administration officials.

White House officials say the strong words from Obama don’t mean Sebelius is necessarily in the doghouse but that she’s responsible for fixing the problem.

In other words, President Snippy Pants is upset that the optics are bad. For him. No one will be fired or forced to resign over this fiasco of a rollout. He still has Sebelius’ back. Partly since there is little chance Obama would be able to get a replacement through Senate confirmation. Mostly because he almost never gets rid of any incompetents. I do reckon Obama will be more annoyed and agitated once the House hearing featuring Chatty Kathy is done with, because there there can be a real focus on why Obama’s “signature legislation” is causing millions to lose their health insurance. CoveredCA is claiming that up to 900,000 will lose their plans.

Meanwhile, (NMP) Obama is heading to Boston today to give another campaign speech about the “Affordable” Care Act. I wonder if he will give unbelievable spin regarding his thousand and one promises that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period”. Spin like Spokesweasel Jay Carney trotted out

CARNEY: Sure. All I ask – all I ask is that when you do the report, you note that anybody who had a plan the day before the Affordable Care Act passed and was signed into law, and that – and has not been thrown off that plan and had it replaced by their insurer, has not dropped coverage of their own volition and then purchased it again in the interim, but has had that plan, is grandfathered in and can keep that plan.

He’s attempting to Blame insurance carriers for voluntarily dropping plans, as if the law didn’t add mandates which forced the plans to be dropped. Despite the administration knowing years ago that the rules put in place by HHS would cause this to happen.

Much of the spin coming from liberal politicians and cheerleaders, er, bloggers and wonks, is that it doesn’t matter that lied over and over and over and over and over again, because people are supposedly getting better insurance. Liberal Values encapsulates the foolishness

The question of whether people can keep their current insurance is comparable to the faux controversy I recently discussed over whether people can keep the same doctor they now have. The real point in these arguments is over whether people who are happy with their coverage will continue to have the same type of insurance care and medical coverage (with added protections they do not have now).

See? It’s a “faux controversy” that Obama lied out his posterior. People are getting better coverage!!!!!! (with higher premiums and deductibles). I’m sure every young man is thrilled to be paying for maternity coverage, free birth control pills, and pap smears. Then’s this fun new talking point

Republicans have been doing everything possible to avoid real discussion of health care reform. They are sometimes aided by journalists who do not understand the complexity of health care policy, and who want to report a scandal when none exists. Recent misleading media reports on people being “booted” from their health care plan is encouraging Republicans to make a lot of nonsense noise leading Greg Sargent to conclude, correctly, that normal debate about Obamacare is impossible. He wrote, “the GOP outrage about Americans supposedly “losing” coverage is largely just more of the same old misdirection. It’s a subset of a larger Republican refusal to have an actual debate about the law’s tradeoffs – one in which the law’s benefits for millions of Americans are also reckoned with in a serious way.”

Oh, why oh why won’t we have a real debate. Because millions losing the plans they liked and could afford is meaningless. And possibly losing the doctor they liked, because the networks for Obamacare are severely restricted. And millions are being moved from insurance plans to Medicaid. Jonah Goldberg destroys this meme. And Democrats knew that millions would lose their insurance. Then it gets funnier

As many others have, I recently received a letter from my insurance carrier that my current policy will not be available as it does not meet the requirements under the Affordable Care Act. However, I was also offered another policy by the same company. When I went to check on line I found that they were also offering several other plans. I never had this choice before.

Funny, one of Obama’s cheerleaders was dropped. Hey, Ron, didn’t Obama tell you that you could keep your plan? I love the part where there are now “choices!” for him. Because there were never choices before. The spin from liberals is amazing, but, it’s nothing we shouldn’t have expected, as they attempt to change the dynamics of the lies from Obama, which were echoed by his cheerleaders

(Politico) If you like your existing insurance, you can keep it. Shopping for a plan would be as easy as buying a plane ticket on Expedia. Annual premiums would drop by $2,500 for the typical family.

The simplicity of those messages are now running up against the reality of implementing the most far-reaching health care overhaul in 50 years.

It was a lie. There is no equivocation.

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