Obama’s Chevy Go Cart Shockingly Needs New Charging Cord

Happy Saturday! It’s a beautiful day in America, and yet another Saturday where (NMP) is whining pushing for more stimulus style money for transportation in his weekly address. Not sure why, since it is starting to get a little too expensive for Americans to drive on America’s “crumbling roads and bridges“. And “we’ve got thousands of unemployed construction workers who’ve been looking for a job ever since the housing market collapsed. But once again, we’re waiting on Congress.” If memory serves, Obama and the Democrat Congress passed a $787 billion dollar stimulus which was supposed to take care of these shovel ready projects.

Fortunately, Obama pushed for a vehicle that has a tough time staying on the road, which makes it easier to fill the potholes that could possibly make the batteries think an accident has occurred and cause them to catch on fire. And that isn’t the only problem

(USA Today) General Motors has announced it is replacing the cord and charging device that lets owners charge the car from a 120-volt household outlet, according to a report by Reuters.

GM spokesman Randal Fox told Reuters that the replacement for the charger that comes with the $40,000 car has a beefier cable and will “offer a more consistent charging experience,” though it won’t make it charge faster. The program covers all 2011 Volts and some 2012s — the 120-volt cords, 240-volt cords are not affected.

OK, let’s be fair, all cars have some sort of problem. One would think that a fundemental part of the vehicle charging would be tested first

According to Consumer Reports, some Volt owners have complained that their 120-volt charger “overheats during use and have even documented online videos of melted 120-volt chargers.” CR said it has not had the problem in its testing of the car, which is on its “recommended” list.

Oh, good. Fortunately,

“It’s not a safety recall,” Fox said. “It’s more of a customer-satisfaction program.”

Well, yeah, I suppose having a charging cord that doesn’t melt and potentially burn one’s house down would create some customer satisfaction and “offer a more consistent charging experience.” It’s no wonder Obama wants to wait for 5 years to buy: he wants to make sure all the massive kinks are out of them.

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