Obama’s controversial and conflicting support of Fidel Castro

Obama’s controversial and conflicting support of Fidel Castro

When the murderous Fidel Castro toddled off to Hell on Friday night, it was cause for celebration. It is wrong to celebrate death, but I can’t help it in this case. Castro is one of the most evil figures in modern day history. He tortured, abused and murdered tens of thousands. He stripped Cubans of free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. For 60 years he ruled as only a despotic communist dictator can… ruthlessly and with no sympathy for the Cuban people. He plunged a prosperous country into third world hellhole status and applied his special form of ‘social justice’ viciously in that country. So yeah… I’m glad he’s dead.

I just shook my head at Canada’s Trudeau expressing his deep sorrow in a groveling eulogy for a mass murderer. Canada, I feel sorry for you. You are just embarking on your journey with the Canadian equivalent of Obama. My prayers are with you. Even worse was the British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. This is a man who hearts every evil asshat he encounters. He has stood in solidarity with Hezbollah and Islamic Jihadists. He proclaimed Castro a “champion of social justice.” That term has come to mean Marxism and the implementation of communism. It’s just a prettier way to package something very ugly.


From The Daily Wire:

Cuban dissidents flood the streets of Miami with tears of joy, recalling their painful experiences as victims of the Castro regime, world leaders, buckling under the weight of their own moral cowardice, continue to heap praise on a savage dictator who censored, abused, tortured, imprisoned, and killed his people mercilessly for six decades.

From President Obama’s diplomatic appeasement to Prime Minister Trudeau’s fawning eulogy, Fidel Castro’s tyranny has been swept under the rug in service of crude historical revisionism.

As The Daily Wire’s Harry Khachatrian noted, the Canadian leader expressed “deep sorrow” over the loss of “remarkable leader” Fidel Castro. Trudeau’s sycophantic words were later mocked by thousands of disappointed Canadians on Twitter with the quip #TrudeauEulogies.

But if ever there were a man who could one-up Trudeau’s moral inversions, it would be British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Despised by his own party, the corpse-looking leftist politician has a long history of justifying the unjustifiable and standing in solidarity with the most despicable elements of modern society, including militants from the Lebanese terrorist group, Hezbollah. In a sickening display of denial, Corbyn blatantly ignored the sheer depravity wrought by Cuba’s communist dictator and sanctified Castro’s legacy as a “champion of social justice,” showing the world why the term “social justice” itself has become a twisted Orwellian double-speak synonymous with misanthropy.

And then there’s President Obama, nominal leader of the free world.

And then there is Obama, who gave diplomatic condolences and reached out his hand in sympathy to a family of demons. Clueless as ever, Obama once promised to heroically champion human rights during his March odyssey to Havana. His visit marked the first time since 1928 that a sitting US president stepped foot on Cuban soil. As is standard for Obama, he gave Cuba everything they wanted and got nothing for his own country in return, except derision and disrespect.

Obama is a man who has watched the Syrian genocide go down and has done nothing at all to stop it. He’s watched Christians being exterminated in the Middle East and could care less. But let a communist die and he’s all over that. Both Giuliani and Gingrich have warned Obama not to attend his funeral, but I bet he does. He has not said one word in defense of the victims of Castro. Would you expect him to? He sanitizes the atrocities of monsters. I can’t wait until January 20th. It can’t come soon enough and I hope and pray that Donald Trump undoes the farce that is the normalization of dealings with Cuba.






Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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