Obama’s Day: Whine About Climate Change, Unveil Solar Panels At White House

Mr. Obama, already in California for a bunch of fundraisers with a bunch of hoity toity 1%ers, wrapped a few official functions around the fundraisers in order to avoid having to pay for use of Air Force 1. He ends the fundraising trip with

(Washington Examiner) President Obama will announce Friday that he is using executive authority to push through a slew of energy-efficiency and solar energy measures, a move that comes as the White House has sharpened its focus on climate change.

Obama will announce more than 300 public and private commitments have been made to expand energy efficiency and solar energy deployment, White House officials said. He will approve energy efficiency and renewable energy policies that advocates have called effective, low-hanging fruit to slash carbon pollution.

And, of course, he wants more money for this and training programs, because the previous tens of billions of taxpayer money worked so well. Then he’s going to jump in his massive fossil fueled caravan to head to the airport to take a cross country fossil fueled flight. But, it doesn’t look like he’ll be there for the unveiling of the White House solar panels

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(Politico) The solar panels are back on the White House roof.

Three decades after Ronald Reagan had Jimmy Carter’s solar panels tossed into the energy dustbin, the White House has finished putting sun-powered electricity back on top of the executive mansion in a small but symbolic gesture, according to the White House.

“Continuing President [Barack] Obama’s commitment to lead by example to increase the use of clean energy in the U.S., the White House has completed installation of American-made solar panels on the first family’s residence as a part of an energy retrofit that will improve the overall energy efficiency of the building,” White House spokesman Matt Lehrich said in a statement.

This actually surprises me. I thought they were already re-installed. He made a Big Announcement in 2010 about putting them back up. They wouldn’t do much, mostly heat a bit of water for the White House, but, hey, the Warmists were nagging him, and he finally relented. The only solar panels since were the ones President Bush 43 installed to heat the WH swimming pool.

When asked by ABC News about the status of the panels (in September, 2012), the White House said “they are in the procurement phase.”

Government work at its most normal. Serious government work

The White House will soon be one of the newest – and certainly most high profile – home in D.C. with solar panels.

A White House official confirmed to the Washington Post Thursday that installation had begun on fitting the President’s residence with solar panels, an effort the official said was “part of an energy retrofit that will improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.” The panels will be American-made, though the official did not confirm which company they would be purchased from.

That was Joe Romm’s Soros funded Climate Progress back on August 15, 2013. It took them 8 months to install the panels once they “procured” them. Well, we do have to factor in the very cold and snowy D.C. winter, seeing snow even late into March. Obama announced the solar panels on October 5, 2010. It took him 3 years and 7 months to make good on that announcement. In the private sector, people would have been fired for such a lag, and the board would have questioned the leadership of a person who couldn’t get a simple job done. This is Obama competence. Leading from behind. If installing a few solar panels in a timely manner is too much for him, it’s no wonder his foreign and domestic policies are a mess.

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