Obama’s Excuse For Ducking Out Of His Responsibilities In Louisiana… [VIDEO]

You’re kidding right? This is Obama’s excuse for not going to Louisiana in the midst of the worst flooding EVER to hit the state… the president can’t be everywhere. Well, he can certainly be on a damned golf course in Martha’s Vineyard, can’t he? DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson says Obama can’t go because he has a very busy schedule. What? Mojitos on the 9th hole? This is possibly the most callous, cold excuse yet and that’s saying something.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are there today surveying the damage and talking to the people. Hillary… well, she has no scheduled rallies or campaign stops until Sunday, but she’s not going either. That’s a big mistake right there. It’s very smart of Trump to go down to flood ravaged Louisiana and lift the people up and give them hope.


From Young Conservatives:

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Donald Trump and Mike Pence are in Baton Rouge right now to show solidarity with a community that has been devastated by severe flooding.

13 people have died and tens of thousands of people are currently displaced.

Where is our president?

He’s hanging out in Martha’s Vineyard catching up on some golf.

Nice optics there… caskets floating across the state. It’s a great metaphor that Obama seems deaf, dumb and blind to. Obama pushes Black Lives Matter, but when it seriously comes to black lives… hell American lives… he just can’t be bothered. Would it kill him to get in 18 holes instead of 36? This is the guy that castigated Bush over Katrina… Bush who went to New Orleans to be with the people. Obama won’t even show up.

That’s Obama’s form of leadership there. Americans die and he tees off and eats lobster… he parties the night away with celebrities while people are drowning in the south. What a jackass. 13 people are dead, 40,000 homes lost, 20,000 people are displaced and 30,000 have been rescued… no thanks to Obama. This is just disgraceful and that will be his legacy. The president who didn’t give a flying crap and was absent when needed… every single time.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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