Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Drops Truth BOMB On Trump – Leaves Liberals TRIGGERING! [VIDEO]

Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Drops Truth BOMB On Trump – Leaves Liberals TRIGGERING! [VIDEO]

Jeh Johnson, former Secretary of Homeland Security for the Obama administration, shocked everyone in an interview with MSNBC. He stated that he felt that Donald Trump had the potential to be a great president in the mold of Nixon and China or Reagan and the Soviet Union. While I agree with that, I would caution Republicans to curb their enthusiasm for someone like Johnson giving faint praise to Trump. All you have to do is cast your memory back a short time and that should dissuade you from swooning over this. Although he gives commonsense advice here… I cannot get past the source of it. This is a man who empowered Obama a great deal and certainly was no friend to the US while in office.

Johnson is correct in pointing out that Trump has only been in office for two short months. That is not enough time to tell whether he will be a success or a nightmare. This is why President Trump should be given a chance to govern and prove himself. “We have to remember that this two months may seem like two years, but, two months is not a very very long time, and I hope that there is considerable on the job learning,” Johnson said. “Every president grows in office. Every president makes mistakes, learns lessons in office.” It is obvious that his fellow Democrats do not share his sentiments. This must have triggered them big time.

From Western Journalism:

While President Trump is being criticized by members of his own party as well as his opposition, one man just caught people off guard with his assessment of the president.

Jeh Johnson, former Secretary of Homeland Security for the Obama administration, said in an interview Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he thought the president had the potential to become a “great” president.

‘I actually believe that Donald Trump — and I told him this when I met with him in December — I actually think Donald Trump has the potential to be a great president in a sort of ‘Nixon goes to China’ way, ‘Reagan goes to the Soviet Union’ way,” said Johnson.

Johnson laid out the steps he felt were necessary for Trump to reach the status of “great,” saying that first, he would need to “find a way to rein in some of the more unhealthy impulse.”

“I’m very concerned about the tweets,” Johnson said.

Next the president would have to “listen to his staff, bring on a full compliment of political appointees who will help him govern.”

“For the success and the sake of the country, I think, we all have to hope that this president can do the things necessary to fix a lot of the problems we have,” he said. And that is true no matter who says it. Each of us better pray long and hard that Trump does take the necessary steps to fix our nation, because we are at a crossroads and the choices made right now will determine whether we survive or not as a nation.

Johnson is concerned about national security and so am I. But he’s more concerned about home grown extremism, painting middle America as potential terrorists. Trump at least faces the right target and is going after it… Islamic terrorism. Something that Jeh Johnson refused to confront or even acknowledge during his time at DHS. I would say take the good advice and leave the rest. And please consider the source here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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