Obama’s Is A Great Example Of Someone Who’s “More Interested In Seeing His Political Opponents Lose Than Seeing The Country Win.”

If you pay attention to Barack Obama, you’ll find that what he does and what he says are often completely unrelated. For example, here’s a variation of a line he’s been using a lot lately.

“The problem,” Obama continued, “is that we’ve got the kind of partisan brinksmanship that is willing to put party ahead of country, that is more interested in seeing their political opponents lose than seeing the country win. Nowhere was that more evident than in this recent debt ceiling debacle.”

Let’s review what’s happened since Barack Obama was elected, shall we?

The Democrats had such overwhelming numbers in Congress that they didn’t have to work with the GOP from 2008 to 2010 — and they didn’t. They completely locked the GOP out for two years and ramrodded everything from the stimulus bill to cash-for-clunkers to Obamacare through over the strenuous objections of the Republican Party.

There were enormous negative consequences to what the Democrats did. Their tinkering prevented the economy from recovering, the deficit spiraled out-of-control, and eventually, as a result of our exploding deficit and Obamacare, gas prices exploded and our nation lost its AAA rating for the first time in history. Some people might dispute that, but if you took the stimulus and Obamacare out of the picture, we’d almost certainly still have our AAA credit rating today.

So, in reaction to the horrible job the Democrats were doing, the Republican Party had its best election day in 50 years. The American people made that happen not because they wanted Republicans to help Obama take the country even farther towards socialism, but because they wanted the GOP to act as a check on the Democratic Party.

Now, let’s talk specifically about the debt ceiling debate. The problem there was not the GOP. The GOP passed a plan that would have safeguarded our AAA credit rating: Cut, Cap, and Balance. Furthermore, we could probably get our rating back by the end of this year if the Democrats were willing to make cuts to Medicare or Social Security. But, despite the fact that Democrats have already cut $500 billion out of Medicare in order to play accounting games with Obamacare, they want to use “The GOP wants to cut Medicare” as an issue in 2012.

In other words, the Democrats are happy to see the country lose its AAA credit rating if it’ll give them an election issue to run on in 2012, after one of the worst performances by an American political party since the Whigs imploded more than 150 years ago. So, if you want an example of a politician who’s more interested in “seeing his political opponents lose than seeing the country win,” then you don’t need to look any further than the President who’s ALREADY out on the campaign trail non-stop, instead of trying to lead the country out of the mess he’s created for us.

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