Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Is A Metaphor For His Whole Political Career

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize has inspired a never ending stream of commentary, Twitter jags, SNL skits, and a storm of political huff and puff. Some people think he deserved it, most don’t, and people are starting to question why the news is making such a big splash in the first place.

It’s simple really: Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is a metaphor for his whole career.

Barack Obama rose to state senator, then to senator, then to President, and now to a Nobel Peace Prize winning hero of the world without ever accomplishing anything.

He’s black, good looking, gives a good speech, and he has managed to be elected to office a lot: is that all it takes to make a hero? Is that all that’s required to be treated like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and FDR all rolled into one? Is that all it takes to be on the cover of every magazine in the country, make a television commentator’s legs tingle, and win a Nobel Peace Prize?

If you look for a record of achievement, you won’t find it. Honesty? Not there. Competence? Barack Obama doesn’t do that. Courage? Not really his bag.

But, change and hope and great speeches — that he has in abundance. Barack Obama is a midget of a human being, an empty suit who has been hyped up into a titan by sycophants in the media and around the world.

All critical judgment and objective standards have been tossed out the window for a mediocrity. Why? Because it’s the in-thing to do. Because he’s black and they don’t want to appear racist. Because he’s not George Bush.

We don’t get news or opinion about Barack Obama any more. We get propaganda of the sort delivered in countries like North Korea and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq — except that in our case, there’s no gun to the head of the press or the people handing out awards. They’re simply willing to be lackeys for a man who doesn’t deserve it. And it’s sickening. And it’s revolting. And it’s dangerous. And even liberals should know better.

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