Obama’s Speech Coverage On RWN Vs. Poll Numbers? Can I Call It Or What?

After I liveblogged Obama’s speech 6 days ago, here’s what I wrote:

Summary: My initial impression was that this speech is not going to be helpful to Obama. At best, I think it may give him a short, temporary burst. But, it was too generic, too much of the same old, same old. Much of it was laughable. We’re going to pay for the plan by cutting waste. Do it for Ted, blah, blah. Obama needed a game changer here. Although his delivery was good, it was tired rhetoric. Grade: D-

Now, here’s the latest from Rasmussen Polling:

Following President Obama’s speech to Congress last week, support for his health care reform plan increased steadily to a peak of 51% yesterday. However, the bounce appears to be over. The latest daily tracking shows that support has fallen all the way back to pre-speech levels.

Forty-five percent (45%) of all voters nationwide now favor the plan while 52% are opposed. A week ago, 44% supported the proposal and 53% were opposed. (see day-by-day numbers).

The latest figures show that 23% Strongly Favor the plan and 41% are Strongly Opposed. In late August, 23% were strongly in favor of the plan and 43% were strongly opposed. Premium Members can see full demographic crosstabs for results released today, Monday, Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Thursday and, for comparison, late August.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll is another indicator of the speech’s impact, and there, too, the bounce in approval Obama has been getting since the Wednesday night speech appears to have ended. Job Approval ratings are updated each morning at 9:30 EDT.

Told ya so.

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