Obama’s Traveling To Dallas To Bridge Racial Divides Or Something

Everyone who thinks this speech will be condescending, lecturing, and scolding, and tell us WE need to do better, plus, oh, yeah, pass more gun control laws so shootings in Democratic Party controlled cities with tons of gun control see less shootings, raise your hand

Obama, Traveling to Dallas, Seeks to Console and Reassure

President Obama will travel to Dallas on Tuesday to mourn the deaths of five white police officers gunned down by a black Army veteran, his latest effort to help bridge one of the starkest divides in American society.

He huddled with his speechwriters for much of Monday, hoping to find words that would not only console the officers’ grief-stricken families but also reassure a nation fearful that racial divisions are worsening after the Dallas slaughter and the killing days before of black men by the police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

It’s interesting how those racial divisions have gotten so much worse under Mr. Obama. And, really, having Obama speak has a high chance of simply adding fuel to the fire.

Mr. Obama approached the effort with the frustration of a man who has poured his heart and soul into similar speeches, only to later feel that nothing has changed and no one is listening. This will be the 11th time in his presidency that he has sought to comfort a city after a mass killing, and the second time in a month that such a killing grew out of bias.

Is this a front page news story or a thinly veiled opinion piece, because it sure reads like the latter. If anything, he should be frustrated mostly with Black people in Democratic Party run cities, who are killing themselves off willy nilly. Heck, five Blacks were shot by another Black in Baltimore during a candlelight vigil for another Black man killed yesterday.

Meanwhile, the family of Kate Steinle is still waiting for a call, being that their daughter/sister was murdered by an 5 time deported illegal alien convicted of multiple felonies, who shot her with a gun stolen from a federal agent in a sanctuary city.

Former President George W. Bush, who lives in Dallas, will also speak at Tuesday’s memorial, a rare event in his post-presidency. While in office, Mr. Bush faced his own set of problems with the nation’s racial divisions.

It will be an interesting contrast in speeches. Say what you will about GWB, the man can give a good speech that shows that he cares, that he understands, that he empathizes, much like Bill Clinton was always able to do. He attempts healing and to erase divisions. Mr. Obama stokes them from his lofty perch, looking down his nose at everyone for “failing him.”

In every speech on policing and race, Mr. Obama has tried to strike a balance, acknowledging bias in the criminal justice system but saying that it is not an indictment of all police officers.

Let’s be real: there may be biases in the criminal justice system, and with some police officers. But, we need to ask why that is. Might it have more to do with the conduct of the Black community than the system and the police? Might they be the cause? And, might the treatment of Blacks by the Democrat Party in their cities make the situation worse? Yes.

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