Obamunists Court Vampire Vote

Just in case the strategy of splintering America along racial lines and pandering slavishly to anyone who isn’t Caucasian doesn’t work, Obamunists have begun targeting their most natural constituency — vampires:

The western Pennsylvania chapter of the Obama-supporting grassroots group [Organizing for America] recently showed up at a premiere for the new “Twilight” flick, “Eclipse,” at a Pittsburgh shopping area. And it went well enough that National Press Secretary Lynda Tran said she could see OFA heading to movie premieres again. …

According to the Allentown Morning Call, OFA managed to “entice some Hollister-wearing “Twilight” fans to register to vote and some 300 in total to promise to cast ballots in the congressional elections this fall.”

Young voters overwhelmingly supported President Obama in the 2008 election and women tend to vote Democratic. Both demographics seem to love the steamy vampire series.

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Not to mention that Obama’s base is made up of blood-sucking parasites repulsed by anything sacred. Where’s Peter Cushing with a stake when you need him?


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