OH DANG! After Obama’s BLOW UP, The Internet Goes WILD….KARMA! [VIDEO]

OH DANG! After Obama’s BLOW UP, The Internet Goes WILD….KARMA! [VIDEO]

I will be sooo freaking glad when Obama is gone. He gave his final presser yesterday and it was two hours long. Dear God… that is torture and is simply inhumane. I guess he wanted to vomit over all of America before he takes off for his last multi-million dollar vacation in Hawaii on our dime. He blamed the media for Hillary losing, he blamed the Russians… then he threw Hillary and the Dems under the bus. He complained about the transition and about President-elect Trump. He blamed the GOP for everything and America in general. It was a blame-fest… where the only one not blamed, of course, was Obama himself.

I especially love how Obama revealed that he told Russian President Putin to “cut it out” during a one-on-one meeting in China in early September, warning of “serious consequences” if the hacking of the DNC continued. “We did not see further tampering of the election process but the leaks through WikiLeaks had already occurred,” he said. “So when I look back in terms of how we handled it, we handled it the way it should have been.” What a joke… do you think Putin listens to Obama? Not freaking likely. This is Obama making it all about him again.


From the Independent Review Journal:

The President blew up on the media during his last presser before he hits the road for another expensive vaykay.

Obama complained about everything from the mean way the media treated Hillary Clinton to how Trump is handling the transition.

The press conference video from ABC News?


Instead of recapping everything Obama said, let’s turn to a fantastic news service the Internet is providing us called “shorter Obama.”

Obama went on to say he believes Putin directly ordered the hacks. And the reason Obama didn’t come out on Russia early on was… wait for it… he thought Hillary would win, so why bother? What a leader, huh? He also blasted Syria for trying to “slaughter its way to legitimacy.”

In other words, it was two hours of blame, while trying to make himself look great for posterity. It didn’t work. It never does. Obama said he was leaving the country “stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started.” I’d laugh except it makes you want to cry… that’s such a monstrous lie and everyone knows it. To lighten things up, have a look at what drove the Internet wild after Obama gave his last presser – #ShorterObama summarizes the whole thing nicely. Heh.










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