Oh, Good, Obama’s Going To Be On TV Yet Again: Obama Bingo Time!

What else is there to say that hasn’t already been said?

In a fresh challenge to President Barack Obama, House Republicans unveiled reworked legislation Monday to avert a potentially devastating government default in barely a week – but along lines the White House has already rejected.

Democrats countered quickly with an alternative that drew presidential backing, and Obama readied a prime-time, nationally televised speech on short notice.

Expect quite a bit of “we need to work together’s” and “we need a bipartisan solution,” right before he declares Republicans, especially John Boehner, evil, mean, cooty monster’s who steal (sugar free) lollipops from babies mouths and dangle Grandma over a pit of hungry crocs for laughs.

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Then we’ll hear about evil Gazillionaires (a gazillion is slightly more than a sh*tload) flying private jets (like the Gov. of Maine) and people needing to pay their fair share, yada yada yada. Someone wants to be relevant to the situation, and he’s throwing a hissy fit to get mom’s attention while still wagging his finger at people because they refuse to listen to a guy who has had no executive experience, hasn’t learned any since becoming president, and is actually becoming less presidential over time. Heck, Jimmy Carter looked more presidential during his sweater speech.

Pick one of three cards, and take a sip of beer for every occurrence. It’s Monday, after all; I don’t want your boss or clients sending me nasty emails Tuesday.

From Tammy Bruce.

From Free Republic.

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