Oh, Hey, 57% Support Arizona’s Illegal Criminals Law

On Monday, The Christian Science Monitor had an article (via Yahoo News) that had support at 51-35% for/against the Arizona legislation. Yesterday, CBS came out with

Public support for Arizona’s controversial new immigration law has : increased slightly, a new CBS News poll shows, with 57 percent of : Americans characterizing the law as “about right” in the way it : addresses the issue of illegal immigration.

Is anyone else getting tired of that phrase, “controversial new immigration law”? OK, moving on, a nice quote from the Yahoo article

“What is interesting here is that Americans are on the side of Arizona : and seem to not share the US government’s views against the law, despite : wide media coverage of the clash between [President] Obama and [Arizona : Gov. Jan] Brewer on this issue,” says Raghavan Mayur, president of : TIPP.

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As usual, Obama is on the wrong side of what the American people want.

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