Oh, Snap! 3rd Circuit Court To Consider Whether Obama Is Even American

Seriously, I thought we had moved on from this

Three judges on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals are beginning to review a case that alleges Barack Obama is not eligible to be president and may not even be American.

The federal court case, brought by attorney Mario Apuzzo on behalf of plaintiffs Charles Kerchner and others, had been dismissed at the district court level.

Arguments earlier had been scheduled for June 29 in the dispute, but a court order recently canceled the hearing and instead announced the case would be decided based on the merits of the legal briefs submitted by attorneys.

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Just. Move. On. It was fun to speculate, and, yeah, many still would like to see his actual birth certificate, as opposed to his certificate of live birth, but, just move on. At this point, you are beclowing yourself. Heck, if the GOP takes over the Congress, we could even see Obama impeached. That’s a long shot. Otherwise, we’ll see him gone on January 20, 2013.

The case has argued, “Under the British Nationality Act of 1948 his father was a British subject/citizen and not a United States citizen and Obama himself was a British subject/citizen at the time Obama was born.

I know some people are buying in to this, but, in America, British law does NOT supersede our own. If he was born on American soil, he is an American citizen. Period. Get over it.

Of course, I should take my own advice, and not highlight this type of tom-foolery, eh?

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