Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment To Support Trucker Protest Designed To Shut Down DC

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment To Support Trucker Protest Designed To Shut Down DC

The: Truckers to Shut Down America-campaign will be cheered along the way by a “patriot wave” from the: Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachmentgroup when: it: crosses the country: to meet in Washington, D.C.

Photo credit: Lisa D’Esposito Minutillo Boca Raton, Facebook

Photo credit: Lisa D’Esposito Minutillo Boca Raton, Facebook

“On Friday, October 11th, Overpasses will support the truckers going to the nations District of Corruption [Washington D.C.]!” the: Overpasses Facebook: page says. “We’ve gotten emails to the website, messages to the main page from truckers, thanking us for waking them up! We need to be out there, cheering them on their way to DC!”

Both groups are nonpartisan and are recruiting grassroots volunteers from across the country in support of the U.S. Constitution.

“During the Overpass events, we get a lot of response from the truckers,” Joe Kilinski, a volunteer with the Florida Overpasses group, told BizPac Review. “We hear from them that they are inundated by Obama’s regulations. The cost of gas has doubled and the general cost of doing business has increased making it harder for them to continue to stay on the road. They’ve supported us, so it’s time for us to stand by them.”

The truckers had a Facebook page that was unexpectedly removed, but their: flyer: explains the reason behind the effort:

Independent Truckers of America are essentially operating on slave wages; in most cases working below minimum wage, and all paying exorbitant fuel costs and fees. American truckers are also very politically astute and great patriots, and they are all well aware of what is happening to our U.S. Constitution. Through this campaign, they are leading the convoy of all Americans coast to coast who wish to restore our Constitutional Republic. America is calling out to our Patriots, and if any group can help lead the charge to save our nation, it’s the U.S. Truckers.

Kilinski can relate to the plight of the truckers.

“As a young boy, my father was a trucker, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for what they do,” he said. “But even without that, I would still support them because they work so hard to keep their head above water in today’s economy.”

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, which: attracted: national: attention during: June events: in California,: has spread throughout the country.:  Links to all state Facebook pages are provided: on its: website.

This post was used with the permission of BizPac Review.

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