Passing Obamacare Will Hurt Democrats, Not Passing Obamacare Will Hurt Democrats–UPDATED


The Democrats did it to themselves. Not unlike President Bush’s insistence on pushing Amnesty to the fore, the Democrats have self-immolated on the pyre of health care. It didn’t have to be this way.

The Dems could have gone for bipartisan reform….and they still could, but they are damaged, no matter. They wanted to push the American people into socialism and the American people pushed back. Newsflash Dems: Most Americans don’t look longingly across the pond, like you do. Most Americans don’t pine for an idealized French life, like you do. Most Americans are happy, thank you very much, with their American life as long as they have dad gum job and the insurance company doesn’t jerk them around.

Do you get the difference?

No, you don’t. I’m glad Democrats don’t get the difference. I’m glad they overreached and revealed their squishy red center. Americans are getting a gullet full of Democrat policies only 11 months in and will put these out-of-touch neo-socialists out to pasture for a long time.

What should Republicans do, if this bill fails? They should introduce health care reform. That’s right. They should put forth the common-sense plan, again, trumpet it in news conferences, travel far and wide and show American’s, in detail, their plan. They should show Americans how the free market can solve this problem if the government gets out of the way.

Then, the Republicans should talk, every day, about how cost cutting, cutting the size of government, will be responsible. Because right now, the Democrats looks like kids in a candy store while Americans are cutting back and finally behaving responsibly financially. And the fat little, candy-eating Democrats are stealing money to buy their candy. The American people know this. They just need to see evidence. Daily evidence.

And, if by some chance, Obamacare does pass, (and I think something will) they risk what Matthew Dowd describes:

If this legislation passes, Democrats will be held accountable for any failures or problems in the system. So if Americans’ insurance premiums rise, they will blame the Democrats. If patients have to wait in line at emergency rooms, it will be seen as the Democrats’ fault. If health-care costs don’t drop, the Democrats will face the wrath of the electorate.

This legislation is a noose. That old saying hung with their own rope?

If the legislation passes, there are more quotes, more slips, more misery-inducing meat for Americans, that the Democrats won’t be able to avoid the hate of the electorate. And this will all be to show everyone that Barack Obama is manly enough to force change. Right.

It has to really rot the left’s socks that Barack Obama is exactly what the right thought he was: a guy who is solely interested in one thing: What’s good for me? And that’s what this legislation hinges on. Should Obama come to believe that the health care legislation hurts him…I bet this whole ordeal is over. Until then, this stinker, in some form, passes.

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Jennifer Rubin adds a note about Matt Dowd’s piece linked above:

If, as he argues, Democrats will suffer by passage of a bill that is overwhelmingly unpopular and rightly suspected to hike taxes, increase the deficit, and worsen care, then Republicans will be rewarded not hurt for helping to stop the freight train. Moreover, Dodd’s advice —”a health-care bill that draws real bipartisan support” – depends on the defeat of ObamaCare. Not until the current bill in all its horridness is killed will Democrats be willing to compromise on a more limited set of commonsense reforms.

One thing that occurred to me that if this was the logic that Matt employed while working for GW, that would explain why so many pieces of legislation were Democrat wins.

Jennifer is right. Kill the bill first. Then, as I say above, come right back around to health care.

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