PHOTOS: Meet Malia’s New College Boyfriend After She’s Caught MAKING OUT With Him While Smoking A Cigarette

PHOTOS: Meet Malia’s New College Boyfriend After She’s Caught MAKING OUT With Him While Smoking A Cigarette

Malia Obama has a new boyfriend and evidently he’s quite a catch. This is the guy she was passionately smooching on at the Harvard tailgate party. His name is Rory Farquharson and he’s, of course, British. VERY. His father is a big time investment banker and I guess junior is following in his footsteps. He was head boy at one of England’s most prestigious schools before deciding to continue his studies at Harvard, where he is now in his sophomore year. There’s a picture of the dashing 19 year-old at Harvard with three simple words: “So it begins.”

He sure can pick them. If he wanted to be in the middle of a media storm, then the daughter of a former US president was the way to go. Now, he’s on camera and they will hound him relentlessly.

Farquharson was selected Head of School at Rugby School for the school year 2015-2016. So, he’s also quite the athlete. The position, usually selected by the school principal in British schools, is meant to provide a link between teachers and students and usually goes to the most outstanding student — both academically and socially — of the year. Looks like Malia has hooked the cream of the crop at Harvard.

The mystery man Malia Obama, 19, was spotted locking lips with on Saturday at a Harvard-Yale tailgate was Rory Farquharson, 19 (pictured).

Word is, he’s VERY popular. He certainly is with Malia. Rugby is one of the top ‘public’ schools in the United Kingdom, just a rung below the more famous Eton and Harrow. He obviously comes from money and social standing. He certainly has a pedigree. The school charges more than $42,500 a year for tuition and board and is perhaps the most famous for giving the world the game of rugby. Farquharson played rugby and was an extra in a video that played in the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony in 2015, with Prince Harry also making an appearance in the clip. So, he socializes with royalty.

The pairing up of Farquharson and Malia is royalty of a sort dating. His wealthy family has links to the highest echelons of the British Royal Family as well as the judiciary. Andrew Farquharson, Rory’s second cousin, was a career courtier who was the Queen’s Assistant Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace. Rory’s great uncle was Sir Donald Farquharson, a renowned barrister.

Farquharson is also a gifted golfer, which Obama must love. Although he’s bound to outplay the former president. Obama just isn’t very good at golf. Farquharson was also a member of the Blue Bunsen Society, a chemistry club. If he meets Malia’s father, it should be interesting. The kid follows President Trump on Twitter, but not Obama. Heh. Now, that’s ironic. Even so, the kid seems to be a bit of a Marxist. He spent the summer as an intern with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland. As noted before, his overall ambitions seem to indicate following in the banking footsteps of his father, Charles Farquharson, who is a chief executive and director of an investment fund management group in London.

Rory’s Twitter account has now been deleted, but it suggested he had an interest in investment just like his 57 year-old father, Charles, who is chief executive of London-based Insight Investment Management Limited. His 58 year-old mother, Catherine, is also a qualified accountant. The family are believed to live in a six-bed detached home in Woodbridge, Suffolk, worth £1.6 million. Not too shabby at all and they have already told Malia that she is welcome anytime and would be warmly received.

Malia is now 19 as well. She stands an impressive 6-foot-1 and Farquharson towers over her. If they become a pair, I wonder if she’ll give up smoking and getting high? I doubt the boy does much of that, although he may drink a bit. We’ll see. It should be interesting to see where the relationship goes. Since they are in the media eye, we will know whether we want to or not. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. Obama doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about Malia dating. “They’ve had Secret Service. There’s only so much these guys can do,” Barack joked. Wanna bet?

The girls all thought Farquharson to be quite a catch, one school insider told They added: ‘He was very popular.’ Pictured: Rugby School.

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