Politico Annoyed By Republicans Attacking Obama Admin. Stammering

The Politico claims that the GOP emails targeting the Obama administrations Solyndra deal has annoyed Democrats. The only problem is, they can only name one Democrat who represented failed candidates. The article is surely meant to simply show that the RNC are just big meanies and schoolyard bullies

Republicans are hammering Democrats for stammering – a bit of election-year bullying that the recipients think is a little, well, uh, childish.

In a series of emails to reporters over the last couple of days, the Republican National Committee has hit White House spokesman Jay Carney and Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter for their delivery as much as their substance on questions involving Solyndra and Bain Capital.

Asked on Tuesday how the president’s view of Solyndra – that some investments pan out and others don’t – differs from Mitt Romney’s defense of his time as the chief of Bain, Carney said: “Look … there, there, there is the … the … difference in that, your overall view of what … huh, your responsibilities are as president and what your view of the economic future is,” according to a transcript sent out by the RNC.

Cutter, asked a similar question Wednesday by Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s “Morning Rundown,” gave what the RNC termed an “agonizing 104 second answer” that prompted Republicans to send around both a video link and a full transcript of her response.

Republicans labeled both Carney and Cutter “tongue-tied.”

Well, I’m sure the Democrats are annoyed. As the story points out, those kinds of stammers are usually removed in ads and such, but not in this case. But, are the email wrong? No.

And both Democrats and Republicans have had their share of political figures whose raw utterances would appear off-kilter on the printed page. Barrels of ink were spilled on George W. Bush’s linguistic lapses.

Interestingly, the MSM has failed to do the same to Obama. His stuttering as he attempts to speak without a teleprompter is legendary. He makes plenty of gaffes. Heck, he makes gaffes when speaking with the teleprompter. Poland is still waiting for an apology over the “Polish death camps” comment.

For months, Democrats have been trying to fend off Republican efforts to hang Solyndra around the president’s ankle as a counter to the Obama team’s Bain attacks.

How sad is it that The Politico changed what is a common place saying simply because Obama is half-black? I think people would have understood there was no racism involved if they had wrote “neck.”

“Um, silly ah, nonsense um … I would think, um, that the RNC can do better … or um, ah maybe they can’t,” said Chris Kofinis, a Democratic strategist who worked for presidential candidates Wes Clark and John Edwards. “It’s not effective. Voters don’t care, and it’s a waste of time. It’s about playing the press and it’s about playing mind games with staff.”

In other words, it’s working.

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