Poll Shows Just 28% Of Americans Think Their Lives Have Gotten Better Under Obama

This is a brutal poll in the final year of the Age of Obama. Of course, the Huffington Post positions this as being utterly partisan, with a subhead that reads “Republicans and Democrats may as well have been living in different countries for the past eight years”. The obvious inference, considering it’s the HuffPost, is that the problem is the Republicans

When President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address last week, he was speaking to two very different countries.

One of them he leaves happier and better off than it was when he started his tenure in the White House nearly eight years ago, with an improving economy and a dominant international position. The other is, by almost every measure, worse.

Call them the “liberal America” and the “conservative America” that he decried in his 2004 keynote DNC address as the creation of political pundits.

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A majority of Democrats in a new HuffPost/YouGov poll say that since Obama took office, their own lives have improved, the economy has gotten better and the United States has retained its role as the most powerful nation on Earth.

Republicans disagree on all three points.

Darned Republicans. Oh, wait a second

Only 51% of Dems think their lives have gotten better. Only 23% of Independents. The article writer, Ariel Andrews-Levy tries to pain this in as “lockstep partisanship”, before delving into an attempt to say things are not all that bad with the Independents. 41% say their lives have gotten worse, which includes 45% of independents. with 26% saying their lives are the same (25% I).

On the question of on the economy improving, just 40% agreed (71D, 15R, 33I). 41% say the economy has declined. 47% of Independents agreed with that.

Almost no one thinks the relationship between the parties has improved. 69% says it has gotten worse.

Another big deal question, on the US has become stronger internationally, sees 19% disagreeing. Only 45% of Democrats see the US becoming stronger internationally, with just 10% of Independents feeling the same. 21% say it has stayed the same, while 50% say the US has become weaker, with 53% of Independents agreeing to that statement.

Welcome to the Age of Obama.

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