POTUS Who Despises Political Opponents And Works Against Democracy Criticizes Burma For Same

So, the President Of The United States Of America went to a foreign country, Burma, and decided to criticize the government of Burma

(USA Today) Sweltering on the back patio of Burma’s most famous home, where democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi spent years under house arrest, President Obama and Suu Kyi called for further moves toward democracy ahead of the country’s presidential elections next year.

The two leaders criticized the army-dictated constitution that bars Suu Kyi, the leader of the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD), from standing in the keenly anticipated poll.

Suu Kyi, released four years ago from more than two decades of confinement, is unable to run in the election because of a constitutional rule barring anyone with strong allegiances to a foreign national from standing for the presidency. Suu Kyi’s sons are British, as was her late husband.(snip)

Obama also raised an issue that has led to criticism for the opposition icon — her reluctance to address the abuse of minority Rohingya Muslims who are deeply disdained by most people in Burma.

“Discrimination against the Rohingya or any other religious minority I think does not express the kind of country that Burma over the long term wants to be,” Obama said. “Ultimately that is destabilizing to a democracy.”

Look, his criticisms are legitimate. The constitution was written specifically to bar Suu Kyi from running. There are issues with the way minorities and political opponents are treated.

Obama, though, is one of the last people who should be criticizing. While he was doing this, we were learning that he plans to circumvent the American political system, the Constitution itself regarding separation of powers, to unilaterally give millions of illegal aliens an “amnesty”, which Charles Krauthammer called an “impeachable offense“. He’s worked to subvert US law numerous times. With just Obamacare alone he’s changed the written law over 30 times.

Then we get to political opponents. He’s denigrated, smeared, insulted, and just generally treated a large segment of the US population (60 million, if we look at the number who voted for Romney) like garbage. They aren’t opponents to him, they are enemies. The Internal Revenue Service, a branch of the federal government that works directly for Obama, intentionally targeted Conservative groups and conservatives individually, and Obama did nothing. Obama has attacked individuals who do not agree with him politically. So, Obama is the last person who should be criticizing Burma.

There’s also this

“You’re always popular in someone else’s country,” he joked. “We believe in this nation,” and its democratic future, he told the mostly Burmese audience. Burmese should respect differences and understand the grievances of minorities, but still put national identity before ethnic identity, he said to applause.

He wasn’t joking, he was whining. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. And, again, he’s one of the last people to be telling others to respect differences and understand grievances of others.

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