President Bush Rejects Kyoto Yet Again. Oh, Sorry, Meant Obama

Remember back to the early Bush 43 years, in which one of the Lefty talking points was that the world hated us because he pulled the US out of the Kyoto Protocol? Despite the Democrat led Senate having voted 95-0 against joining it in 1997 and Clinton therefore refused to sign it, meaning, of course, that, despite liberal talking points, the United States was not a signatory. Al Gore signing it symbolically doesn’t count. But, still Bush’s fault. So, what about now?

The US threatened to derail a deal on global climate change today in a public showdown with China by expressing deep opposition to the existing Kyoto protocol. The US team also urged other rich countries to join it in setting up a new legal agreement which would, unlike Kyoto, force all countries to reduce emissions.

The Senate rejected it and Clinton refused to sign on because it would “result in serious harm to the US economy” as well as not including developing nations. Like China and India. Bush 43 rejected it for the same reasons.

In a day of high international rhetoric, chief US negotiator Jonathan Pershing said the US had moved significantly in the last year. “There has been a startling change in the US position. There is now engagement. We have had a 10-fold increase finance from the US. We have put $80bn into a green economic stimulus package. One year ago there was no commitment to a global agreement.”

But he forcefully outlined America’s opposition to the Kyoto protocol. “We are not going to be in the Kyoto protocol. We are not going to be part of an agreement that we cannot meet. We say a new agreement has to [be signed] by all countries. Things have changed since Kyoto. Where countries were in 1990 and today is very different. We cannot be stuck with an agreement 20 years old. We want action from all countries.”

At least the Obama admin. is staying strong for the moment in wanting an agreement that all nations are going to destroy their economies and takes us back to partying like it is 1799. How soon till President Neophyte caves?

In other AGW news, when we say that AGW is like a religion for the Left, well……..

A man who claims he was unfairly dismissed from his job because he believes in climate change is attempting to have his environmental views recognised under religious law.

Tim Nicholson, 42, says his beliefs on the environment are so strong they led to clashes with other senior staff at Grainger, one of the UK’s biggest property companies.

In March, employment judge David Neath gave Nicholson permission to take the firm to a tribunal over his treatment. The company is challenging the ruling, arguing that environmental beliefs are not the same as religious or philosophical ones.


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