President Chump Uses Weekly Address To Prop Up His Crappy Policies

And, of course, make it All About Barry. Starting with his crappy policies (which he, if you remember, outsourced to Congress)

So, it is true that we, as a country, are in a very different place than we were when 2009 began. Because of the Recovery Act and a number of other steps we’ve taken, we’re no longer facing the potential collapse of our financial system or a second Great Depression. We’re no longer losing jobs at a rate of 700,000 a month. And our economy’s growing for the first time in a year.

In other words “We know the Porkulus failed miserably, and we are basically clueless about what to do, but, hey, stop giving me low approval ratings, because I feel you pain.”

Moving on

  • Every month since January, when I became your President, I’ve spoken to you… (Don’t you feel lucky!)
  • That’s why, this week, I invited a group of business owners from across the country to the White House to talk about additional steps we can take to help jumpstart hiring. We brought together unions and universities to talk about what we can do to support our workers today and prepare our students to outcompete workers around the world tomorrow. We brought together mayors and community leaders to talk about how we can open up new opportunities in our cities and towns. (Perhaps you could fill us in on what steps you actually came up with. The we allows him to blame others when the plans, whaterverthehell they are, fail)
  • On Friday, I spent the day in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and met with workers and small business owners there. I stopped by a steel company called Allentown Metal Works, and spoke at Lehigh Community College. I visited folks at a job placement center, and stopped by a shift change at Alpo. The stories and concerns I heard mirrored the countless letters I receive every single day… (Well, isn’t that nice? Sharing the pain. No clue what he is doing, but, trying to share the pain. Clinton and Bush were much, much better at it)
  • And that’s exactly what I’m working to give them. In the coming days, I’ll be unveiling additional ideas aimed at accelerating job growth and hiring as we emerge from this economic storm. (You have to actually unveil ideas to start with before you can talk about unveiling addition ideas, chump)
  • And so that we don’t face another crisis like this again, I’m determined to meet our responsibility to do what we know will strengthen our economy in the long-run. That’s why I’m not going to let up in my efforts to reform our health care system; to give our children the best education in the world; to promote the jobs of tomorrow and energy independence by investing in a clean energy economy; and to deal with the mounting federal debt. (Oh, now it is “our” responsibility through the use of “we”? It’s your massive debt, chump, and the ideas of you and your party which are keeping employers too uncertain and/or scared to start hiring)
  • From the moment I was sworn into office, we have taken a number of difficult steps to end this economic crisis. We didn’t take them because they were popular or gratifying. They weren’t. We took these steps because they were necessary. (Notice the we’s. That’s so he can blame others. And they weren’t popular because they have hosed future generations, and those of us who have actually had jobs knew the steps wouldn’t work)
  • But I didn’t run for President to pass emergency recovery programs, or to bail out banks or to shore up auto companies. I didn’t run for President simply to manage the crisis of the moment, while kicking our most pressing problems down the road. I ran for President to help hardworking families succeed and to stand up for the embattled middle class. I ran to fight for a country where responsibility is still rewarded, and hard-working people can get ahead. I ran to keep faith with the sacred American principle that we will deliver to our children a future of even greater possibility. (You also promised not to run for president until you had completed your first term as a Senator. So, your whole presidency is based on a lie, and you still have no clue what you are doing)
  • And my commitment to you, the American people, is that I will focus every single day on how we can get people back to work, and how we can build an economy that continues to make real the promise of America for generations to come. (Except when I fly off to Europe to pick up my Nobel Peace Prize after announcing an escalation in the Afghanistan war, and find a way to destroy the American economy in Copenhagen. And when I attend huge parties. And campaign events. And basketball games. And rounds of golf. And…….)

You can watch the Chump In Chief’s video of the address, if your stomach can take it.

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