President Kumbaya “Wants To Pit White House Against Mean Congress”

Nice to see that The Hill is about 5 years late on this notion

The White House’s emerging strategy for the midterm elections is to run against a “mean” Congress.

President Obama has made that tack known more than ever in recent days.

In the last week, he’s accused Republicans of getting into disagreements with themselves over the border supplemental and for not being able to pass “plain vanilla” legislation.

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He asked them to “stop hating” and “being mad all the time.” And he mocked House Republicans for suing him and added, “And I said to Speaker Boehner, tell your caucus the best way to avoid me acting on my own is work with me to actually do something. Then you don’t have to worry about it.”

Just as important as Obama’s words are his gestures and style.

The president is in his wheelhouse when he’s in campaign mode, and during the Kansas City address he was frequently joking and smiling with the crowds.

This has been Obama’s strategy pretty much from Day 1. He’s never left the campaign trail. Where is his proposed legislation? We need more than a couple brief ideas placed on sticky notes. The only fully developed plans he’s offered over the past few years, things that could be voted on, have been his budgets, which have been so bad that Democrat call it a political stunt when Republicans have forced votes on those budgets.

Obama should be very careful in his inflammatory rhetoric, as citizens might actually see that it is Senate Democrats who are the problem

Republicans say a do-nothing Senate and Obama are the reasons for Washington’s inaction.

“The reality is, there are 330 bills sitting in the Democrat-controlled Senate waiting for the Democrats to act,” Kukowski said.

Actually, let Obama not be careful, that way citizens will hear Obama complaining followed by the GOP messaging of Senate Democrats refusing to allow votes on House passed legislation. The Obama whines will not help vulnerable Democrats in 2014, but, really, by all appearances, Obama doesn’t care. He sees everything as being about himself. He’s a petty man, with pathetic leadership skills, and his agenda and work ethic are pathetic. If the GOP regains control of the Senate, he doesn’t care, as this will allow himself to be the Nasty Man he likes to be. So much for “changing the way Washington works” and creating a “post-partisans Washington”. So much for bringing people together. He’s divided the country beyond belief.

If he’s running against a “mean Congress”, it makes him sound like an angst ridden Emo teenager rejected by his schoolmates and always picked last for every activity.

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