President Obama Should Thank Democrat Socialists of America And Its Journolist Members

For those with more than passing curiosity, the Journolist delivers a treasure trove of elite connections that lead all the way to the White House. Trevor Loudon of continues to do spectacular work to dig up the connections.

Now, he finds President Obama’s socialist pals on the list. He asks:

Would Barack Obama be president of the United States today without JournoList and a sympathetic “progressive” media?

Would JounoList have existed, or have been as influential, without Democratic Socialists of America?

Does America owe its current president, at least partly, to D.S.A. — a few thousand strong Marxist organization that most voters have never even heard of?

The answer is no. And here’s why:

On April 6, 2010, a seminar “Labor, the Left and Progressives in the Obama Era” was held at Georgetown University — further evidence of D.S.A.-JournoList collusion in favor of Obama.

After the success of health care reform, what’s next on labor’s agenda? How can the labor movement grow and engage with a progressive movement that speaks to the Obama era? What is the role of younger workers, workers of color and women? Is there a new “New Deal” on the horizon?

Speakers included:

One of the speakers above, Gerry Hudson, has written how the late founder of D.S.A., Michael Harrington would view the election of Barack Obama:

It’s tragic for so many reasons that Michael died too young; his voice and his wisdom are sorely needed. How he would marvel at the election of Barack Obama and the promise that this victory affords all of us on the democratic left! He is sorely missed. But were he alive, I would hope and expect that he and others who are informed by this vision of democratic socialism would join with us in SEIU as we seek to take advantage of a moment most of us have spent our lifetimes only dreaming of.

It should come as no surprise to learn that Harold Meyerson was one of the first, if not THE FIRST, journalist to promote Barack Obama outside of his adopted state of Illinois

Please go read the whole thing. Trevor’s work is circumstantial, but damning. President Obama’s ideology was washed in Marxism, developed and nurtured by committed Marxists, and aided and abetted by the liberal media and their friends on Journolist.

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