President Obama’s Very Bad No Good Horrible Year

Let’s a list of the sadness:


Freddie And Fanny


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Government Motors





And Creigh Deeds, John Corzine and now, Coakley.

It’s been a sad year. Not all of it has been in his control, but a huge part of it has been directly under President Obama’s control.

And now President Obama is talking about doubling down.

The problem the Democrats have, of course, is that their policies are so left-wing and extreme that they don’t resonate with the American people. And so they write stupid stuff like this: “Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate” and the author, Roy Edroso concludes, “The lesson, as always, is that when Democrats win, they lose, and when they lose, they are obliterated.”

Um. That’s the lesson?

How about the American people are not radical socialists? The American people had an entirely different notion of “remake America”. They thought that hope and change would be some helpful tweaking..and transparency, and no hidden taxes, and well, you know what they thought.

The Democrats, however, do not know what the American people think. Or maybe they do, they just thought that they could lie long enough to deceive them into their “framework” for their statist impulses. It’s not working.

In fact, the American people are not too happy with all this and are in no mood to talk.

That’s one thing President Obama has been really good at this last year…talking. But no one believes him about anything.

2010 does not look to be a better year for the young, tired President.

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