Recent College Grads Have Lost That Hopey Changey Feeling

They seem a bit upset that The One hasn’t given them all unicorns and free electric Masaratis

Recent college grads sour on Obama, surveys say

A very large proportion of recent university graduates have soured on President Barack Obama, and many will vote GOP or stay at home in the 2012 election, according to two new surveys of younger voters.

“These rock-solid Obama constituents are free-agents,” said Kellyanne Conway, president of The Polling Company, based in Washington, D.C. She recently completed a large survey of college grads, and “they’re shopping around, considering their options, [and] a fair number will stay at home and sit it out,” she said.

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The scope of this disengagement from Obama is suggested by an informal survey of 500 post-grads by Joe Maddalone, founder of Maddalone Global Strategies. Of his sample, 93 percent are aged between 22 and 28, 67 percent are male and 83 percent voted for Obama in 2008. But only 27 percent are committed to voting for Obama again, and 80 percent said they would consider voting for a Republican, said New York-based Maddalone.

It’s a small sample, of course, and the big sample will be known in November, 2012. That said, Obama needs these 20-somethings to go out and agitate for him, beat on doors, denigrate those who aren’t on the hopey changey bandwagon, and get all those evil corporations to donate to Obama. What with all the unemployment, Team Obama most probably thought they would have easy and free workers to prop his campaign up, yet, it’s a double edged sword, since they are unemployed or underemployed, and the cold hard fish of post college reality has smacked them across the kisser. They’re getting a real good idea that things in the real world aren’t quite what they were during the halcyon days of red bull and Jack bull sessions about fundamentally transforming America into a socialist/progressive paradise.

The bad news for Obama was underlined May 19 with a report by a job-firm Adecco that roughly 60 percent of recent college-grads have not been able to find a full-time job in their preferred area. One-in-five graduates have taken jobs far from their training, one-in-six are dependent on their parents, and one-in-four say they’re in debt, according to the firm’s data.

Team Obama can Blame Bush all they want, yet, we are two and a half years into Obama’s presidency, and things are not getting better. Democrats had control of the White House and Congress for Obama’s first two years, and their policies did not help. These folks are learning that catchy slogans and soaring rhetoric get about as much done as that guy in their freshman year dorm who partied too much, then disappeared before the end of the spring semester.

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