THIS Recent White House Tweet Has Americans FIRED UP!

THIS Recent White House Tweet Has Americans FIRED UP!

Wow. Talk about arrogant and clueless. The White House put out what could have easily been an April Fool’s joke. But as Twitchy pointed out, unfortunately it’s not. The tweet stated: “Our businesses have added 14.4 million jobs over the past 73 months—the longest streak ever.” What’s this ‘our’ bull crap? Obama and his minions sure as hell didn’t build that. We aren’t doing better. Fully 1/3 of the workforce is out of work and has been ever since Obama took control. 20 million are on food stamps. He hasn’t added anything… he’s taken away jobs and destroyed this country. Just like a Marxist to take the wrong credit where it is due.


From Young Conservatives:

Yet again President Obama is taking credit for creating jobs, continuing to stick to the whole “you didn’t build that” narrative he and his fellow liberal nutjobs have pushed for years.

No, Mr. Business Owner, all of those long hours, little pay, stress wrinkles, ulcers, and grit and determination had nothing to do with your success, because Obama or something.

The only thing Obama has built is the welfare state and entitlements. Plus, he’s brought in illegal immigrants and refugees by the millions to steal our jobs, give us diseases and commit crime wantonly in our streets. He did build that. Is there nothing these guys won’t lie about and falsely claim they did? How do they even look themselves in the mirror in the morning? This is the worst economy I have seen in my lifetime and that’s saying something after the Carter years. You don’t own our businesses… in your communist dreams you asshat. I can’t believe they had the nerve to tweet that.






Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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