Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte: Eric Holder Needs To Resign!

Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte: Eric Holder Needs To Resign!

Of course, Eric Holder should resign in disgrace, not just for lying in front of Congress, but for Fast and Furious. It sure is nice to hear the House’s Republican Judiciary Chairman say it though.

Bob Goodlatte

Rep. Bob Goodlatte is leading a Judiciary Committee probe of Attorney General Eric Holder’s actions regarding the targeting of reporters. And he tells Newsmax he is “very concerned” about Justice Department efforts to “harass the news media.”

…Holder recently testified before the committee that targeting journalists was “not something I’ve even been involved in.” But it’s now been reported that Holder personally sanctioned a search warrant labeling Fox News correspondent James Rosen a co-conspirator in leaking national-security secrets.

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In an exclusive interview Wednesday with Newsmax TV, Goodlatte discusses his probe of Holder.

“We are sending a letter today– myself and the chairman of the Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations Subcommittee — asking him to explain how his answers to the committee conflict with the actions that he appears to have taken with regard to Mr. Rosen, and we will withhold judgment on what the attorney general’s actions constitute until we give an opportunity for him to explain himself.

…Asked if Holder should resign, Goodlatte responds: “Last year in the last Congress I co-sponsored a resolution calling for him to step down, and he has still not complied with the subpoena that was given to him with regard to the investigation of Fast and Furious.

“The result of that is that his noncompliance, his having been held in contempt of the House of Representatives, all indicate to me his unwillingness to take responsibility for the actions in this Justice Department, his inability to provide leadership.

“Therefore it is very concerning to me, and I see nothing that would change my opinion from two years ago that he should step down.”

The question isn’t whether Eric Holder should resign, it’s which offense should he resign for and how soon can he get around to it.

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