Republican Rep. Mike Kelly: Obama “Divides Us On Race”

Republican Rep. Mike Kelly: Obama “Divides Us On Race”

Doesn’t Obama do just that? It’s actually part of his election strategy. Convince Hispanic Americans that Republicans hate them and they’ll vote Democrat. Get black Americans angry about Trayvon Martin and they’ll vote Democrat. The only difference between Obama and race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton is that he’s a little less on the nose about it and there is a finally a Republican in Congress who’s calling him out on it.

Mike Kelly

Republican Rep. Mike Kelly unleashed a diatribe on President Barack Obama on Friday, at one point saying he “divides us on race.”

“This week I heard the president talk about phony scandals. There’s nothing phonier than the words that have come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. about reuniting this country, bringing us together as a people,” the Pennsylvania Republican said at a news conference Friday. “No, he’s not a uniter; he’s a divider. He divides us on race, he divides us on income. He picks winners and losers.”

Expect lots of liberal complaining about this not because it isn’t true, but because it breaks an unwritten rule in the mainstream media: Only liberals are supposed to be able to discuss race openly and it must always be done in a way that reflects positively on Democrats and negatively on Republicans.

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