Right After Obama Leaves The White House He Makes This Announcement To HIS Supporters

Right After Obama Leaves The White House He Makes This Announcement To HIS Supporters

If you thought that Barack Obama would just ride a golf cart off into the sunset, I have some bad news for you… that was never the plan. Obama is now off to play golf in Palm Springs, but he will be back before long to start plotting even more havoc and chaos to inflict on Americans. In fact, his new home in DC is outfitted with offices and a suite for Valerie Jarrett. Silly Americans… Marxists never leave, they go into stealth mode.

Despite appearances, I imagine Trump and Obama have little use for each other. And President Trump is no fool… he knows what Obama is planning and is gearing up for it. Obama’s farewell was in reality a green light to protesters to set DC on fire, as well as other cities across the nation. Don’t kid yourself… we are in a full fledged war with the left now. It is a civil war being fought in the streets of America and Obama will be leading the charge.


From Western Journalism:

Following the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Friday, former President Barack Obama resumed his life as a private citizen, yet vowed to continue working in the coming years.

In a post on his personal Twitter account, Obama notified the American people he would be taking a short vacation with his family before pursuing the next stage of his career.

The former president headed for Palm Springs, Calif., after leaving office, and will likely play a few rounds of golf while he is in the area.

Some took note of Obama’s statement that he’ll be getting “back to work” after his trip.

Prior to Trump’s taking his oath of office, Obama issued his last tweets on the official presidential account, calling on the American people to pursue change and thanking them for his time in office.

The Obamas also released a farewell video walking the public through their next steps as private citizens.

Obama may gush that he is a private citizen now, but he doesn’t see himself that way. He sees himself as a ruler over all of America with his sights on the world. He talks about getting to work… that will be a new experience for him as he has worked precious little for the American people over the last eight years. He’s golfed, partied and jetsetted across the planet, while crushing the spirit of our great nation. But those days are over. Now he’ll have to battle from the trenches while raking in millions for his memoir and speeches.

I’m sure the Clintons can give Obama tips on corruption, not that he needs any. He’ll be convening with the likes of Jarrett, Ayers and Van Jones, just to name a few. They will be the purveyors of unrest and violence across the country. They will use the communist radical playbook. Mark my words, the war is only beginning. Obama is a star to the left and their general they will follow into hell or America, whichever comes first.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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