Rodeo Clown Banned From Rodeo For Life For Mocking Obama

Here’s a newsflash for these blowhard politicians. Barack Obama was not in the ring. No one was talking about flying a bull to D.C. to attack him. No threats were made against Barack Obama. It was just some people having a little fun and Barack Obama was mocked in the process. To liberals, this isn’t allowed and because it isn’t Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno or David Letterman making fun of Obama, they think they can get away with silencing them. Maybe they’re right about that. After all, you’ve got a senator and a governor going after a clown or some other designated fall guy at the rodeo. Well, they may be able to shut that guy up, but they can’t shut us all up. There are an army of Americans that know the empire has no clothes and we’re going to keep on making fun of Obama and there’s not a damn thing Jay Nixon, Claire McCaskill or any other Democrats with sticks up their behinds can do to stop us. — John Hawkins, Aug 12, 2013

Obama rodeo

Well, liberals got their way. The rodeo clown in question was banned for life from the Missouri rodeo for the horrible crime of making fun of Barack Obama.

The Missouri State Fair on Monday imposed a lifetime ban on a rodeo clown whose depiction of President Barack Obama getting charged by a bull was widely criticized by Democratic and Republican officials alike.

The rodeo clown won’t be allowed to participate or perform at the fair again. Fair officials say they’re also reviewing whether to take any action against the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the contractor responsible for Saturday’s event.

The entertainment during the bull riding contest featured a clown wearing a mask of Obama with an upside down broomstick attached to his backside. Spectators were asked if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.” Many in the audience responded enthusiastically.

Numerous Missouri officials denounced the act after video and photos were posted online. Some Democratic Missouri lawmakers suggested Monday that there should be financial consequences for the fair.

Is this North Korea or are we in some sort of weird Twilight Zone episode where the population of the United States was switched with the people in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq? A man just got banned from a rodeo for life because he made fun of the President. He didn’t threaten him. He didn’t wish harm on him. He didn’t say anything racist. He just entertained the crowd by mocking the President of the United States and he had a senator and a governor coming down on him for it in retaliation. Since when did it become such a sin to criticize Dear Leader? Unfortunately for this poor guy, little did he realize how incredibly humorless and thin skinned liberals have become about their failed President.

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