Semi-Retired, Mostly-Delusional President Looks To Implement 30 Day “Climate Change” Warning System

When it comes to weather forecasting, most meteorologists will tell you that things start getting really dicey beyond 3-5 days. Ten day forecast? Good luck with that. Know what the forecast a few days ago was for Raleigh? Low 70’s and partly cloudy. Know what’s happening now? It’s 59 and rainy, with a special weather statement about the potential for heavy rain up to half an inch an hour.

Remember Hurricane Katrina? They were not sure where it would make landfall just 24 hours out. Same with most hurricanes and tropical systems. Remember that big El Nino that was supposed to occur this year? Didn’t happen (yet). How about the very cold winter and heavy snow? Most did not predict that. Some long term conditions are easier to predict than others, but, Obama has delved into Fantasy Land in his climate speech at the UN

(Breitbart) The NOAA will also begin developing “extreme-weather risk outlooks” for as long as 30 days in advance to help local communities to prepare for damaging weather and prevent “loss of life and property,” partnering with private companies to monitor and predict climate change.

“This effort includes a new partnership that will draw on the resources and expertise of our leading private sector companies and philanthropies to help vulnerable nations better prepare for weather-related disasters, and better plan for long-term threats like steadily rising seas,” Obama said during his speech at the United Nations Summit.

So far, the vast majority of Warmists “extreme weather” prognostications have failed. Especially when it comes to there being no statistically significant warming in almost 18 years.

As for Obama’s full speech at the UN, Ben Shapiro breaks it down, and ends by noting

America shares virtually nothing with the other member states at the UN. But President Obama shares a lot with them: a desire for America to take a secondary role in the world affairs, a desire for Israel to surrender in the face of its enemies, a desire for talk rather than action, a desire to demean the United States on the global stage.

Obama had a serious problem with discussing American exceptionalism.

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