September 11. We are doomed. By choice.

Or more accurately:

The self-loathing, apathy, craven opportunism, laziness and sheer stupidity of millions of other people — who, worst of all, know who they are — are dooming me, and I’m not very happy about that.

Anyhow, I regret to say that I can’t think of a better way to remember 9/11 than to well, remind you that:

  • Eight years later, the hole in the ground is still a hole in the ground, and will be for quite some time;
  • The British government is trying to hide the fact that the third most popular name for baby boys is “Mohammed”, and will be for quite some time;
  • A radical leftist named Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States, and will be for quite some time.

PS: Nice of Obama to show up in New York earlier this week for the memorial service for… Walter Cronkite, a man whose televised lies slandered American servicemen and helped sign the death warrants of millions of abanonded anti-communist Vietnamese — who died so that a bunch of spoiled, dirty hippies could live, and spread their contagion for the next fifty years.

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Ooops, Obama couldn’t make it to New York today though. I guess there wasn’t a Broadway musical he and his wife felt like going to…

Congratulations, half of America! You got what you so desperately wanted, and I hope you’re happy.

The awful thing is: you probably are.

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now in its ninth year. She also writes the Talk Radio Watch column for WND, runs a site devoted to conservative talk radio, and other stuff.)

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