Snap! Obama Says To Hold Him Accountable In 2011

Well, not so much himself, but, a nebulous “us” should be held accountable. I wonder if that includes hitting him in the face with a pie? Well, if you hit Boehner with a pie, you probably won’t get charged. If you hit a Democrat, it might take 4 months to be charged with assault. Anyhow, let’s delve into Barry’s World

President Obama promised an effort to work with the other side of the aisle in his weekly address on New Year’s Day, just days before the 112th Congress and a new GOP House majority begin.

“At the start of 2011, we’re still just emerging from a once-in-a-lifetime recession that’s taken a terrible toll on millions of families,” Obama said. “We all have friends and neighbors trying to get their lives back on track.”

The president said that the recovery is “gaining traction,” but noted “serious decisions” loom about keeping the economy on track in the long run.

“In a few days, a new Congress will form, with one house controlled by Democrats, and one house controlled by Republicans — who now have a shared responsibility to move this country forward,” Obama said. “And here’s what I want you to know: I’m willing to work with anyone of either party who’s got a good idea and the commitment to see it through.

That’s funny: he wasn’t willing to play nice with the Republicans the previous two years. Now, after a historic drubbing during the mid-terms, he wants to work together? Of course, his idea as to what a “good idea” is digresses from what most American’s think a “good idea” is.

“And we should all expect you to hold us accountable for our progress or our failure to deliver,” he added.

Um, Sparky? We did. You lost the House in a notable manner. It was a “big f***ing deal,” to quote your VP. And we tried to hold you accountable for your horrendous legislation and spending. You didn’t listen. You’re still not listening as you implement executive power plays with measures such as the EPA expansion of CO2 rules and “death panels.”

He wasn’t particularly concerned with accountability the last two years, even to his unhinged liberal/progressive base, so, what I suspect he means is that the People should do what he will do: “Blame Republicans.”

Full video here (if you’re stomach can take it today.) Transcript available at the link. He did manage to say, early on in his break from his long Hawaii vacation, that it is his resolution to save the middle class. That should last about 5 minutes.

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