Obama Use Weekly Radio Address To Push Economic And Jobs Recovery

Just kidding. He yammered on about health care yet again

President Obama pressed Congress on Saturday to “finish its work” on health care, dismissing criticism from Republicans as he sought to build a case that the legislation would be friendly to families and small businesses.

As the administration works to win over skeptical Democrats in Washington, Mr. Obama is taking his health care message to Philadelphia and St. Louis this week, the latest steps in a forceful campaign designed to demystify the complicated health care measure.

“I know it has been a long and hard road to this point, and we are not finished with our journey just yet,” Mr. Obama said. “But we are close. We are very close.”

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I bet the people in Philadelphia and St. Louis would prefer a few jobs, and a Washington elected elite that stopped emulating the Washington Redskins (unstable like a rickety lawn chair) and was more like the Indianapolis Colts (stable like a steal door.) This health system fiasco is contributing, along with cap and tax, unsustainable deficits, massive spending plans, attacking the private sector on a consistent basis, to leaving employers in a “wait and see” mode. Did I mention attacks on the private sector? I did, but, I’ll have to switch away from the NY Times-Cheerleader to find out

The president and his health secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, met the chief executives of four of the largest U.S. health insurance companies — Aetna Inc, Cigna Corp, UnitedHealth Group Inc and WellPoint Inc — at the White House this week.

“They couldn’t give me a straight answer as to why they keep arbitrarily and massively raising premiums — by as much as 60 percent in states like Illinois,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.

Unless you are a shareholder in those companies, they are not responsible to you, chump. Private companies. Nice job attacking them, though!

You are welcome to listen and watch Obama’s radio address if you can stand it. The actual transcript is still not up, but, the link has a nice set of pure disingenuous talking points available. And it is the same old tired rhetoric, nothing new, nothing to get excited about, nothing to woo Americans back from being dead set against his plan back to his side. Even the Times said the same thing.

The Republicans responded with their own address, as would be usual, with former Democrat Parker Griffen, who, being a retired physician, quite possibly knowing a wee bit more about the subject than a community organizer, giving the address. Back to the NY Times….what? They gave short thrift to the response? Hmmph. How about the AP?

Griffith said leaders of the Democratic Party he left last year were missing the point.

“For them, health care reform has become less about the best reforms and more about what best fits their ‘Washington knows best’ mentality – less about helping patients and more about scoring political points,” he said. “This is no idle observation. I’ve witnessed it firsthand.”


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