State Authorities Reveal the Complete Secret Way Obama is Helping Refugees – This is Treason

State Authorities Reveal the Complete Secret Way Obama is Helping Refugees – This is Treason

Once upon a time, there used to this thing called “states rights” which prevented the federal government from having too much power. But now that we have King Obama in power, that no longer exists, and Obama is perfectly fine with forcing states to do things they don’t want to do… like, say, take in refugees.

Migrants arrive at main railway station in Dortmund

Even though more than half of the states have made it explicitly clear that they don’t want any of the Syrian refugees being brought to the U.S. by President Barack Obama, the White House has been equally clear that it doesn’t care what the states want.

To be sure, the Obama administration has insisted upon maintaining the status quo regarding the refugee resettlement program, and is refusing to share any information about the individuals it is bringing over with the states that will ultimately accept them.

According to a report last week from Bloomberg, the White House is even refusing to cooperate with fellow Democrat governors who are open to accepting refugees, but merely want pertinent security information shared with local law enforcement agencies.

On Tuesday, several governors from both parties took part in a conference call with the White House where they urged administration officials to share more information about the refugees with them, such as notifications when refugees are settled in their state and access to the classified information obtained about individual refugees through the vetting process.

However, the Obama administration declined to make any extra efforts to assist and inform the states, even when pressed by putative allies like California’s ultra-progressive Gov. Jerry Brown.

“There was a real sense of frustration from all the governors that there is just a complete lack of transparency and communication coming from the federal government,” declared an unnamed GOP official who took part in the call.

According to Bloomberg, Florida Gov. Rick Scott asked bluntly if states could opt out of accepting the refugees, and the administration said “no.”

The administration’s excuse to avoid assisting the states is that there is no process in place for sharing information with them, and the White House sees no reason to develop one.

Regardless of how a person may feel about accepting refugees, this should outrage everyone. The federal government should not be able to force states into accepting them against their will.

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