Team Obama Admits It’s Campaign Will Be Mostly Negative

But, then, what else does Obama have to run on? A failed economic stimulus plan that wasted a billion dollars? A highly unpopular healthcare bill? The Lilly Ledbetter Act, which was so wonderful that the Democrats tried to pass legislation that did the same thing again this year? Drone strikes that make his base insane(r)? Raising taxes? What?

(ABC News) Both candidates say this election is about the economy. But the Obama campaign has done its best to make everything about Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s Swiss bank accounts. His vast wealth. His vacations.

Ann Romney said the Obama campaign is trying to “kill” her husband.

Here’s how President Obama put it during a campaign speech on Friday in Ohio, the same day a government jobs report showed little growth and an unchanged unemployment rate:

“Mr. Romney’s experience — because he always says, ‘I’ve got a lot of business experience; I know how to create jobs,’ — well, look, his company that he started were called the pioneers of business outsourcing. The pioneers of outsourcing. So that’s his experience.”

Obama’s campaign speech was a model for what has become his strategy: talk about the economy only when necessary, and spend as much time as possible chipping away at Romney’s secretive and corporate background.

All his peeps have taken the same track, going after Romney on a personal level, despite those attacks having been proven completely false. Obama has to attempt to shift the message, because his time in office has been one where he has presided over some of the worst economic conditions in the United States ever. And it’s not getting better. Obama has done such a wonderful job that many Democrats have publicly announced that they won’t be attending the DNC in September.

As for the attacks on Romney, does Team Obama have any evidence? If they did, they’d trot it out.

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